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The Will of God

Some of the most common questions a Christian asks have to do with seeking what God desires for them to have or do. When considering decisions such as where should a person live, or what kind of job should a person have, or should they have a relationship with one person or another, a person will appeal to their God, seeking guidance and direction. People will often ask, "what is the will of God for my life." With sincere devotion people will devote their lives to trying to discover what their God wants them to do. However, there is an entirely different way to consider the will of God for our lives. In these 4 programs, Aaron explains the will of God as a description of the inheritance we have received as a result of His death. Considering this entirely different perspective, Aaron explains how we live our daily lives with what we have received, instead of trying to live our lives with what we hope to get. This series is a significant milestone for Living God Ministries.

The Will of God 1

The Will of God 2

The Will of God 3

The Will of God 4

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