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The Trial of Jesus

Jesus accomplished salvation through His death and resurrection, even though the religious leadership had conspired not to have Him put to death at the appointed time. They did not believe in Him as the Messiah because He was not willing to live in obedience to the laws they established that were in addition to the Law fo Moses. They conspired to murder Him because He was violating their laws. In the process of His arrest and conviction, they violated over 20 of their own laws. This study explains many very important details that are easy to miss when studying the final day of the ministry of the Messiah before His crucifixion.

The Trial of Jesus 1, The Miracle

The Trial of Jesus 2, The Conspiracy

The Trial of Jesus 3, Thirty Pieces

The Trial of Jesus 4, The Arrest

The Trial of Jesus 5, The Jewish Rambo

The Trial of Jesus 6, The Trial

The Trial of Jesus 7, The Judgment

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