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The Tithe

Beginning with the historical foundations of society and government, Aaron presents a series of broadcasts explaining the purpose of the tithe in Israel. Expanding from the historical foundation, Aaron explains why the tithe has no application in the Church today. He addresses the two most popular passages in Scriptures that are referred to when people teach tithing, Malachi 3 and Hebrews 7. He ends the almost 4 hours of teaching on this subject with an explanation of how we are to give in light of the New Covenant that is in effect.

Tithing 1 of 8

Tithing 2 of 8

Tithing 3 of 8

Tithing 4 of 8

Tithing 5 of 8

Tithing 6 of 8

Tithing 7 of 8

Tithing 8 of 8

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