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Spiritual Warfare

When it comes to the subject of Spiritual Warfare, people are normally thinking of it as an opportunity to cast demons out of people and assert their authority over the Devil. People are looking for opportunities to pray in different ways or heal people of their diseases and injuries. These are real circumstances in life and I do recognize that many people encounter and engage our enemy in these ways. However, I sincerely believe that the predominant battle we are engaged in is the battle between the truth and the lie, and the battleground is your mind. Instead of presenting this subject from the traditional point of view, I addressed this subject in the context of law and grace.

Spiritual Warfare 1, Binding and Loosing

Spiritual Warfare 2, The Keys of Heaven

Spiritual Warfare 3, A Divided Kingdom

Spiritual Warfare 4, The Gospel

Spiritual Warfare 5, Depart from Me

Spiritual Warfare 6, The Existence of the Devil

Spiritual Warfare 7, The Image of the Devil

Spiritual Warfare 8, A Minister of God

Spiritual Warfare 9, The Nature of War

Spiritual Warfare 10, Organization for Bondage

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