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The History and Purpose of Baptism

In this series of broadcasts, Aaron presents a complete explanation of the history and purpose of Baptism before John the Baptist. Baptism has been one of the most controversial subjects in Christianity since the establishment of the Church. Aaron explains that it has become controversial because itís context in Israel during the time of Jesus has been ignored.

Baptism 1, The History of Baptism 1

Baptism 2, The History of Baptism 2

Baptism 3, The Baptism of John

Baptism 4, The Baptism of Jesus

Baptism 5, The Baptism of Repentance

Baptism 6, Reasons to be Baptized

Baptism 7, Baptism Metrics

Baptism 8, The Baptism of the Disciples

Baptism 9, Baptism in the Name

Baptism 10, The Great Commission

Baptism 11, The Baptism of Peter

Baptism 12, The Baptism of Phillip

Baptism 13, The Baptism of Paul

Baptism 14, The Baptism of the Spirit

Baptism 15, The Baptism into Death and LIfe 1

Baptism 16, The Baptism into Death and LIfe 2

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