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Verse by Verse Teaching Through the Book of Acts

Acts 1:1-8 Assumptions When Reading the Book of Acts

Acts 1:4-8 The Gospel

Acts 1:9-14 Trust and Wait on the Spirit

Acts 2 The Birth of the Church

Acts 3 Listening to the Spirit

Acts 4 Giving All Possessions

Acts 5 The Purpose to Know God, Gamaliel

Acts 6 Hellenistic Discrimination

Acts 6 Stephen 1 of 2

Acts 7 Stephen 2 of 2

Acts 8 Phillip and the Gospel

Acts 9 Paul Confronted to Do or Rest

Acts 9 Paul Called to Suffer

Acts 10 Gentiles Get Saved

Acts 11 The Church Acknowledges a Gentile can be Saved

Acts 11 Paul and Barnabas Separate from Jerusalem

Acts 13 and 14, Paul's First Mission

Acts 15, The Confrontation Over Circumcision

Acts 15, The Judgement of James

Acts 16, Paul Circumcised Timothy

Acts 16, Circumstances of Baptism

Acts 17, Paul Continues to go to Synagogues

Acts 17, Evangelism

Acts 17, The Temple not made with Hands

Acts 18, The Humanity of the Apostles

Acts 19, The Basics of the Gospel

Acts 19 and 20, Religious Predators and Victims

Acts 21, Confronting the Church in Jerusalem

Acts 22, The Testimony of Paul

Acts 23 - 28, The Trials of Paul

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